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Your Mid Sized Equipment Hauling Specialist

What We Can Move

Small Equipment

Small equipment and vehicles are a dream to load with our 10 foot wide deck and air lift ramps. Vehicles are easily driven right onto the trailer deck. 


Machine attachments come in all shapes and sizes. Our equipment can handle any medium sized loads, just like this packer pictured above.

Oil Sands Equipment

Oil field related equipment can be difficult to move, but with our 10 foot wide trailer, these oil shacks fit nicely on the deck.  

Over Size Loads

We are capable and confident in transporting oversized loads which is anything over 10 feet wide.  

Step Deck Hauling 

Our 53' step deck trailers have an 11' kick (upper deck) and a 42' lower deck.  The 10' width makes it easy to load any of your mid sized equipment.

Dry Van Trailer

For those loads that need to stay out of the elements or simply your boxed goods, our van trailer can take care of that.